• Mr. Greaney’s Rules, Procedures and Expectations.




    -Follow directions of all adults the first time
    -Be respectful of yourself, others and all property
    -Use tone, voice and words appropriately
    -Follow classroom expectations
    -Treat others as you would want to be treated
    -Wait patiently for your turn
    -Use appropriate language
    -Use appropriate body language
    - -Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself
    -Leave others’ belongings alone


    -Be on time
    -Bring all materials
    -Listen and follow directions (the first time) -Take care of classroom materials

    -Have homework and supplies
    -Mind your own business
    -Organize your own personal belongings and materials -

    -Stay in your assigned seat
    -Keep hands and body to you at all times
    -Work safely



    1. That you put the necessary time and effort in to all of your academic assignments.

    2. That you complete your homework assignments every night.

    3. That you participate and ask questions

    4. That you take the time to write neatly.

    5. That you take the time to use proper grammar.

     6. That you never mock or verbally put down a peer at CSMS.

    7. That you will come to class on time and start your do-now right away.

    8. That you will always bring at least one pen and a pencil to class.

    9. That you remain silent during fire drills, lock-down drills and school evacuation drills. 

    10.Treat all substitute teachers with kindness and respect.





    When you ENTER the room you should:

    1.   Quietly sit in your seat.

    2.   Take out your homework.

    3.   Write down the homework.

    4.   Begin Do Now

    Materials Needed:


    *A binder with dividers and a folder for handouts.


    * Black or Blue Pens



    Grading Criteria:

           35% Tests

           25% Alternative Assessments (Classwork, Projects, and Participation)

           25% Quizzes (These may be either announced or unannounced)

           15% Homework


    A zero will be given for missed homework.


    If you do not have the availability to print, the assignment is still due on the expected date. Please let me know ahead of time if this is the case and we can make arrangements for printing.


    Extra credit may be given in chapter tests and quizzes. .


    If you are absent, please see me upon your return to school for any missing work.


    If you are present in school for any portion of the day, you need to show me the work for that day and obtain the work for the following day. You will be held accountable as if you were in class.                                                             






    When you EXIT the room you should: 


    1. Collect all of your belongings.
    2. Clean up your area



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