Panda Book

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    You are writing a book  :       Related image

    You can use power point format for your book. In your book, you will include the following information which we have learn. It should be all Chinese characters. But you can add Pinyin.

    Title page: Giant Panda ( da xiong mao )

    First Page: My name is Giant Panda
    2nd Page:  My home is in China.
    3rd page:   I am 10 years old
    4th page:   I am black and white
    5th page:   I eat bamboo.

    Each page, you should include the sentences as you see in instruction in Chinese. You can hand write, or print from computer.  You are not use google translation, but you can try typing

    Each page, you should have a picture, which you can either draw by yourself, or print from computer.

    you can type Chinese character through this web site.
    1. look at tool bar in blue color
    2. click on "Chinese Editor ", you will see two boxes
    3. typing pinyin, the Chinese characters will appear on left box, then you can select Chinese word you type.
    Have fun

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