7th grade_We visit China

  • Traveling to China

    For this project, you will work as group ( four ) on a big poster paper. Or use publish to make a booklet. The work includes:( We will finish in Class for this part )

    1. Map of Zhong guo

    2. National flag

    3. two biggest rivers

    4. Great wall

    4. four cities info on the map

    In computer research, you will select one city to do research. The cities will be: Beijing, Shanghai. Hangzhou, Xian.  If you already decide four group, you will sign each one for one city

    1. decide which city you like to visit, you must select four cities for each group

    2. talk about history of that city and geography info on that city

    3. find the important landmark on that city

    4. look for famous person in that city

    5. specialty in the city: culture info

    6. regional food in the city  

    7. The title will be : ?????,or ....