Project for 2016-2017 7th Grade - My trip to China

  • Requirement
    Assume you are going to travel to China this next summer. You are making plan now, you and your partner will have two classes time to design a your itinerary to China. Your research includes:

    1. Blank map of China

    2. Two biggest river, great wall,Chinese flag, four cities  Beijing Shànghai Xi'an chéngdu on that map,
    2. 4 cities to travel: Beijing Shànghai Xi'an chéngdu?

    3. the interested places , attractions you like to see in each cities:
    4. special landmarks in that city
    5. Transportation plan for your traveling
    6. Hotel plan
    7. Final product:
    (1) China map with these four cities on, famous landmark on those cities in pictures
    (2) print itinerary: including:
    A. PPT for each city introduction and attractions
    B. Your traveling plan:
    a. Overall plans
    b. Schedule:
    day 1
    day 2
    day 3
    day 4
    day 5
    day 6
    day 7
    day 8
    8. Traveling plan sample, see attachment
    9. Useful website

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