Biology Courses

  • BIOLOGY CP                    (7511, 9606)                         Grade 9-10                           6 Credits


    • Minimum course grade of B-  in grade 8 science honors, or
    • Minimum course grade of A-  in grade 8 science, or
    • Successful completion of one(1) year of high school science

    Biology CP covers a broad range of pure and ap­plied biological topics including: cell biology, biochemistry, biological diversity, genetics, and ecology.  The course meets six periods per week and an emphasis is placed on laboratory investigations, demon­strations, discussions, and group and individual work.  Study habits essential in post-secondary studies are utilized, developed, and refined.

    BIOLOGY HONORS      (7521, 9607)                         Grade 9-10                           6 Credits (Honors)


    • Minimum course grade of B- in Grade 8 Honors Science, or
    • Minimum course grade of A in Grade 8 Science, or
    • Minimum course grade of A- in Integrated Science CP

    The program covers the major concept areas of modern biology including: evolution, biochemistry, bioenergetics, genetics, microbiology, and ecology. This course utilizes an instructional approach that emphasizes laboratory investigations, demonstrations, discussions, cooperative group work, individual participation, and independent study. The scope of the course includes an understanding of the structure, characteristics, and requirements for life the diversity of life and how it has occurred, the identification and analysis of systems, placing an emphasis on their components, an understanding of the environment as a system of interdependent components impacted by human activity and natural phenomena, the development of problem-solving, inquiry, and decision making skills, the ability to formulate usable questions and hypotheses from which experiments are planned and conducted, utilizing approved safe laboratory methods to provide data and results demonstrating scientific integrity and accuracy, and the inclusion of historical perspectives, scientific theory, skepticism, and a sharing of knowledge, ideas and beliefs through various means of communication.  This course meets six periods a week and has a formal two period lab as part of the instruc­tional process.

    AP BIOLOGY                    (9608)                    Grades 11- 12                     10 Credits (AP)


    • Minimum course grade of B- in Biology Honors or A- in Biology CP, and
    • Minimum course grade of B- in Chemistry Honors or A- in Chemistry CP

    Advanced Placement Biology is designed to be the equivalent of a college introductory biology course. The laboratory work will equate to the kinds of labs experienced by college students in an introductory course. The course will expose the student to the unprecedented explosion of knowledge in the areas of biology that are critical to the aspir­ing science student. It aims to provide students with the conceptual framework, factual knowledge, and analytical skills necessary to deal critically with the rapidly changing science of biology. Curriculum content will follow the guidelines established by the National AP Biology Committee. Accordingly, three general areas will be covered: molecules and cells (25 %); genetics and evolution (25 %); and organisms and populations (50 %).