Astronomy Course

  • ASTRONOMY                                                   (9634)                    Grades 10- 12                    5 Credits

    The Astronomy course is designed as a full-year science elective for students who have previously demonstrated success in the disciplines of science and mathematics.  The course incorporates strategies and authentic experiences that facilitate learning for diverse learners with an emphasis on practical application, skill development, and profound understanding of content while strengthening the ability to reason, write and problem solve in areas related to science and technology.  Students will learn about the role that the universe plays in their daily lives.  This course will compare and contrast current scientific theories to explain the existence of the universe to the theories relating to its ultimate fate.  The composition, development, characteristics, features and evolution of all astronomical objects, as well as their effects on each other, will be included within the curriculum.  Past, present, and future space programs and their contributions to everyday life will be explored and discussed.