English I Course Offerings

    • English I CP
    • English I Honors
    • Speech and Drama I
    • Journalism I
    • Yearbook I
    • Media Studies

    ENGLISH I COLLEGE PREPARATORY                (7201)                    Grade 9                5 Credits


    • Successful completion of grade 8 English

    Following a review of skills learned in middle school, English I CP students will be introduced to the high school English program. Emphasis will be placed on students developing analytical skills and written and oral expression through the study of literature. As an integral part of the year’s work, there will be an introduction to research procedures culminating in a research project. All English I CP students will be exposed to a core body of knowledge including an anthology, formal and informal essays, creative writing, vocabulary lists, and study skills. Titles in the study of literature will include Of Mice and Men, and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. In addition, students will cover an interdisciplinary thematic unit with content covered in world history, such as Greek and Roman mythology. Examples of art and music representative of the period will be included. English I CP students are required to read one (1) assigned book during the summer.

    ENGLISH I HONORS                    (7211)                    Grade 9                5 Credits (Honors)


    • Minimum final grade average of 95 in grade 8 English or 88 in grade 8 English Honors

    In addition to the requirements for English I CP, honors students will be required to read other selected literature from the grade level anthology; Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, and other selected novels. Advanced writing assignments and literary research will be required.  English I Honors students are required to read two (2) assigned books during the summer.