English II Course Offerings

    • English II CP
    • English II Honors
    • Speech and Drama I
    • Speech and Drama II
    • T.V. Production I
    • Journalism I
    • Journalism II
    • Yearbook I
    • Yearbook II
    • Mythology
    • Multicultural Literature
    • Creative Writing
    • SAT Preparation
    • Short Stories
    • Science Fiction, Fantasy Literature and Mythology
    • Film Studies

    ENGLISH II COLLEGE PREPARATORY             (9206)                    Grade 10              5 Credits              


    • Successful completion of English I

    The sophomore year English program is devoted to exploring various genres of literature, (e.g., short sto­ries, novels, plays, and poetry). In addition, sophomore year is one of preparation for the HSPA and SAT. All English II College Preparatory students will be exposed to a core body of knowledge including an anthology, vocabulary lists, the five-paragraph essay, a research paper, and preparation for the HSPA. Core titles in the study of literature will include Lord of the Flies, Shakespeare’s Othello or Julius Caesar, and The Bad Seed. English II CP students are required to read one (1) assigned book during the summer.

    ENGLISH II HONORS   (9207)                    Grade 10              5 Credits (Honors)


    • Minimum grade of B- in English I Honors or A- in English I CP

    In addition to the requirements for English II CP, Honors students will study 1984 and Much Ado About Nothing. Honors students will be responsible for additional vocabulary and prepare a research paper on a topic related to literature. English II Honors students are required to read two (2) assigned books during the summer.