English Elective Course Offerings

  • SPEECH AND DRAMA I               (8220-9220)                          Grades 9-10         5 Credits

    Speech and Drama I is designed to develop effective verbal and nonverbal communica­tion skills. This course provides the experience needed to build self-confidence when speaking before an audience. Students will learn how to prepare and deliver short talks and more formal speeches. This course exposes students to the history and structure of drama, the fundamentals of acting, improvisation, character development, scene study, and technical theatre.

    SPEECH AND DRAMA II             (9221)                    Grades 10-12                       5 Credits


    • Speech and Drama I

    Speech and Drama II is a performance course that covers all elements of production includ­ing directing, acting, set design, props, costumes, and lighting. Students are required to participate in the production of one-act plays that are performed for assemblies in the high school and throughout the district. Students will continue to develop their acting skills through improvisation, theatre games, monologues, and scene work.

    STUDIO DRAMA              (9222)                    Grades 11-12                      5 Credits


    • Speech and Drama I and II

    Studio Drama is a course in which students will read and study great plays from the Greeks through Shakespeare. For those students who qualify for the second year, dramas from the seventeenth century through the twentieth century will be studied. Scenes from these classics will be performed for the class and for outside audiences. Students will work on special projects of both a personal nature and community interest.  Special emphasis will be placed on audition skills and performance of monologues. Students will have an opportunity to work on movement and voice and direct plays and scenes using members of the class as their actors. Field trips to regional and Broadway theaters will be part of this class experience.

    FILM STUDIES                (9255)                    Grades 10-12                       5 Credits

    This course is devoted to the study of the history and art of film and the analysis of great classics produced from the silent era to the present. Students will study story ele­ments, film structure, American film history, and film genres. Students will be exposed to production aspects of film including screen­play, camera work, editing, lighting, color, sound, direction, and acting. Students will be required to write research papers and critical analyses of major films.

    MEDIA STUDIES             (8225)                    Grade 9                                 5 Credits

    This full year elective will expose students to the variety of media experienced in our culture today.  The course will cover the development of mass media in America beginning with the invention of the telegraph up until today’s modern media, as well as the way each changed American and global culture.  Although not a pre-requisite, this course is suggested for students who are planning on taking the television production courses offered grades 10-12.

    T.V. PRODUCTION I     (9230)                    Grades 10 & 11                  5 Credits

    This course is designed to introduce the students to the importance of visual and electronic communications. A “hands-on” approach will enable students to become familiar with hardware and software related to television production. Students will work on class projects as well as projects for the school community.

    T.V. PRODUCTION II    (9231)                    Grades 11-12                       5 Credits


    • V. Production I

    This course will focus on a “hands-on” ap­proach to television production. Students will demonstrate an ability to understand and utilize advanced production equipment as well as select and operate the appropriate equip­ment for assigned projects. In addition, students will have the opportunity to explore careers in television production and related fields.  Reading assignments, critiques, and performance assessments will be used to evaluate student performance. Students will be expected, at times, to work over and above the class period. Students will be expected to develop programming for the school’s cable access station.

    JOURNALISM I               (8235-9235)                         Grades 9-12                         5 Credits


    • Students must have B- or better in previous English class

    Journalism I will be offered to students who enjoy writing and possess strong written language skills. Students will have the opportunity to gain practical, "hands-on" experience by writing, editing, and producing the school newspaper. They will be taught a variety of communication skills, including copyediting, page layout, and designing a creative product.  The students will also learn how to write headlines and captions and be responsible for packaging their stories with appropriate photographs or art.  Students will also be exposed to the ethical responsibilities of journalists in a free press and the effects of the media in a free society.

    JOURNALISM II              (9236)                    Grades 10-12                       5 Credits


    • Students must have the journalism teacher's recommendation and/or have completed Journalism I

    Journalism II will be offered to experienced journalists who will assume primary responsibility to produce, layout and edit the student newspaper.  Students in Journalism II will refine their writing skills as they apply to all aspects of newspaper production.  Students will also continue their studies of the ethical responsibility of a free press.

    YEARBOOK I   (8240-9240)                          Grades 9-11                         5 Credits

    This elective course focuses on the skills associated with the production of a yearbook. Emphasis is placed on legal and ethical issues, theme develop­ment, cover design, copy writing, caption writing, and photograph cropping. Students will be introduced to computer software used for publications and will have the opportunity to contribute to the yearbook for grades 9, 10 and 11.

    YEARBOOK II (9241)                    Grades 10-12                       5 Credits


    • Publications I students who have received the Publications teacher’s recommendation

    This elective course centers on the produc­tion of the yearbook. Students work on layout, writing copy, placing copy, cropping photographs, writing captions, gathering news, and accomplishing those activities associated with the production of a publication. Students will incorporate computer software used to produce the yearbook.

    In order to meet deadlines, students may need to stay after school to com­plete certain projects.  After school work is a must for editors.

    SCIENCE FICTION, FANTASY LITERATURE & MYTHOLOGY (9245)    Grades 10-12   5 Credits

    This elective course gives students the opportunity to explore a body of science fiction, fantasy literature, and mythology that represents these genres at their best. Thematic units include the role of the heroic, the universality of the human condition, critiques of the values of man, and the potential loss of humanity in a world dominated by technology. Students will read and view world myths beginning with the first piece of recorded literature set in ancient Mesopotamia, contemporary science fiction set in the distant future, and fantasy literature set in other realms. Students will participate in discussions, creative activities, written responses, and research.

    SAT PREPARATION                      (9249)                    Grade 10-12                        2.5 Credits

    This will be a one-semester course that will help prepare students to take the SAT. Students will be provided with an SAT preparation book. Topics covered will be SAT specific; e.g., format, scoring, and test-taking strate­gies. In addition to reviewing actual test questions, students will take sample exams. Two teachers will teach this course: half the course will be spent preparing for the verbal section; the other half semester will be spent preparing for the math section. This course is paired with Creative Writing.

    CREATIVE WRITING                   (9250)                    Grades 10-11                       2.5 Credits

    This one semester elective course is designed for students of all ability levels who wish to enhance their writing skills. Genres will include the autobiographical essay, expository composition, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and dramatic writings. Students will be required to keep daily journals. This course is paired with SAT Preparation.