World History Courses

  • WORLD HISTORY CP                                  (8701)                    Grade 9                5 Credits

    This course investigates the periods in history from late Medieval-Renaissance times to the present.   Emphasis will be placed on the contributions of the past to our current culture.  Attention is also paid to non-Western civilizations.

    AP WORLD HISTORY                                   (8705)                    Grade 9                5 Credits (AP)


    • Minimum must be enrolled in Grade 8 Social Studies Honors and in Grade 8 English Honors
    • Minimum final grade average of 95 in Grade 8 Social Studies Honors and 95 in Grade 8 English

    Students in Advanced Placement World History must be strong writers who exhibit a strong desire to take both the Advance Placement Course and corresponding test.  This course will cover all material necessary for student success on the Advanced Placement Examination from the origins of history to the Twenty-First Century. This course places major emphasis on his­torical issues-analysis and decision-making, and is for the serious student who wants to improve his/her academic abilities in a challenging educational environment. Students will be trained in test taking techniques for the Advanced Placement Test to enhance their chances of achieving success on the AP test.