Algebra I

  • ALGEBRA I                       (7311, 9408)                                         Grades 9-10                         5 Credits


    • Successful completion of Grade 8 Math (Pre-algebra)

    In this college preparatory program, students will do significant work on solving equations, inequalities, graphing lines, simplifying algebraic expressions and evaluating word problems.  There also will be applications in statistics, probability, pure and applied math applications, geometry, and work with calculators.  Applications will be used to develop and exemplify the algebra of equations and inequalities. Models for the four arithmetic operations will be studied and extended to expressions involving variables.

    ALGEBRA I HONORS                    (7321)                    Grade 9                                5 Credits (Honors)


    • Minimum grade of B+ on all major assessments in Grade 8 Math

    This college preparatory program will include all topics described for the Algebra I course; however, it will be taught in greater depth and at a faster pace.  Students will be expected to demonstrate more rigorous applications of Algebra I topics.  Some Geometry and Algebra I concepts will also be introduced at this level.  Students are expected to be self-motivated and capable of doing independent as well as group work.