Business & Careers

  • BUSINESS AND CAREERS         (8030-9030)          Grade 9-12           5 Credits

    Exploring business and careers brings to the student an understanding of how business operates and an appreciation of the relationship between business and the community.  This course will give the student the fundamentals of how to prepare for work and life through career planning, money management, and independent living techniques.  This course will enable the students to explore their own interests and abilities through various media and materials so that they will be prepared for choosing a career path.  Students will acquire information in money and banking, investing, job readiness, computers, resumes, job interviewing, and career planning.  Students will learn to understand the importance of human relations through various team building applications, gain an understanding of the fundamentals of the stock market, and investment strategies. In addition, students will participate in a visual computer simulation which presents students with challenges around bank accounts, credit and debit cards, bills, credit scores, taxes, insurance, and investing.  Guest speakers will be presented from various career paths.

    BUSINESS CAREERS II – Career Internship Program     (9034)    Grades 11-12      5 Credits  (Pass/Fail)

    Juniors & Seniors only

    A career internship provides work-based learning experience as an extension of school based career exploration.  Juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to participate in paid or unpaid internships at a business or institution for one period during the school day.  The internship provides opportunities not available in the classroom and help students appreciate academics while gaining knowledge about their interests, talents and abilities.  Students work with a mentor/supervisor/educator and develop transferable academic, technical and employability skills.  They gain work readiness skills and a broad overview of occupational fields.