Business Community/Workplace

  • MARKETING I                 (9040)                    Grades 10-12                       5 Credits

    This course explores the various career opportunities and skills necessary to become successful in marketing and retail occupations. Students will develop skills in merchandizing and management as well as advertising, display, promotion, distribution, communication, human relations, and selling using a hands-on approach.  Additionally, this course applies current marketing concepts to current trends in the “real world” Using multiple tools and resources such as the internet and industry standard software applications.  It stresses the multicultural nature of the U.S. domestic marketplace and workplace as well as the move towards a global economy.

    BUSINESS/PRE- LAW                   (9035)                    Grades 10-12                       5 Credits

    Virtually every aspect of an individual’s life is affected by business and/or personal law.  This course begins with the fundamental principles of law in general and how our local, state, and federal court systems operate.  Major topics covered are criminal law/torts, consumer law, problems in society, bailment, juvenile justice, and minors and employment.  Personal law is covered with a focus on relevant topics using a “lifestyle” approach.  Students participate in field trips to the local municipal court and the state superior court.  Guest speakers include attorneys, state troopers, and local law enforcement agencies.

    BUSINESS IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY                    (9033)                    Grades 10-12      2.5 Credits

    Business in A Global Economy provides information on getting along better in the international world. It will help you gain a competitive edge by laying an impor­tant cornerstone of a good business relation­ship.

    This course explores the economic forces shaping our world and the ways companies conduct business on a worldwide basis. There is a strong emphasis on current events.  Computer programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are used for class projects. The students will be guided through the use of the Internet where they will access infor­mation for classroom projects. This is a half year course that is taught in conjunction with International Business.

    SMALL BUSINESS OWNERSHIP             (9032)                    Grades 10-12                       2.5 Credits

    Today, about 15% of the work force in the United States is composed of entrepreneurs, and the percentage is growing. This semester course will stress initiative, creativ­ity, problem solving skills, and ongoing educa­tion to adapt to market changes.  Students will choose a particular field that they would like to investigate in regard to business ownership.  Their business idea will then be represented in the form of a business plan.  Students will research the following areas:  competition, location, store layouts, product offerings, pricing strategies, and advertising campaigns. This is a half year course that is taught in conjunction with Personal Finance for sophomores, juniors, and Seniors ONLY.

    INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS                    (9038)                    Grades 10-12                      2.5 Credits

    This course will help students develop an understanding regarding the global market­place and how businesses throughout the world interact with each other. Topics such as protocol, language, holidays, geography, time differences, currency, customs, and gift giving are studied. Students will learn the fundamentals of international business with a “hands-on” approach using the computer.  There is a focus on current events and travel.  Case studies and research companies such as Microsoft, McDonald’s, PepsiCo, Proctor & Gamble, Heinz, Coca-Cola and other multinational businesses will be studied. This is a half year course that is taught in conjunction with Business in a Global Economy.

    HEALTH CAREERS        (9044)                                                    Grades 10            5 Credits              

    Health Careers is an elective course that provides a student with an overview of different health occupations.  It is designed to cover basic concepts which serve as a foundation for a student interested in health occupations. This course explores the history and trends of health care, health care systems, health careers and personal and professional qualities of a health care worker.

    DYNAMICS OF HEALTHCARE IN SOCIETY HONORS      (9047)    Grades 11      5 Credits (Honors)


    • Successful completion of Health Careers with a minimum grade of A-. Students must achieve a B or better in all Algebra, Biology and Chemistry courses.
    • Chemistry, if not previously taken, will be taken in conjunction with the Dynamics course.
    • Prerequisite:  Rutgers Health Science Teacher recommendation


    Dynamics of Health Care in Society is the first level course as part of the Health Science Careers Program offered by Rutgers School of Health Professions (SHP). Dynamics of Health Care in Society provides students an orientation to health care services and their delivery. It presents an interdisciplinary perspective, focusing on process skills such as critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and effective communications. The goal of this course is to orient students to health care, services and their delivery.  Students will have the opportunity to earn three college credits by passing the Dynamics in Healthcare in Society exam in May.


    MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY HONORS   (9046)   Grades 12            5 Credits       (Honors)


    • Dynamics of Health Care in Society - minimum course grade of A-.

    Medical Terminology is the second course offered as part of the Health Science Careers Program offered by Rutgers School of Health Related Professions.  Medical Terminology is a course that offers students the opportunity to learn medical terms that is an important part of preparing for a health occupation career.  It is the study of words that pertain to body systems and the anatomy and physiology, medical processes and procedures and a variety of diseases.  This course will enable the student to build a solid foundation of commonly used elements that are essential for understanding the terminology of medicine and health.   Students will have the opportunity to earn three college credits by passing the Medical Terminology exam in May.

    BUSINESS MANAGEMENT                         (9036)                    Grades 10-12       2.5 Credits

    Students learn the basis of management today, the management environment, planning, organizing, leadership, and quality control skills.  Critical thinking skills are developed through case studies about real-world situations in corporate America.  Additionally, students explore their potential management style and careers in management.  Other topics include ethics, law, social responsibility, and the organizational structure. This is a half year course that is taught in conjunction with Sports and Entertainment Management.

    PERSONAL FINANCE                   (9031)                                    Grades 10-12      2.5 Credits

    This course develops personal finance skills that all students need in order to make wise decisions regarding financial security.  Students will discover ways to maximize their earning potential.  Topics of study include comparing/contrasting local banks and services that they provide, completion of a personal budget, comparison shopping (online), and check writing and record keeping. Students will be enrolled in the Stock Market Game. This is an online simulation, in which students work in small teams, to build a portfolio. Guest speakers and current events enhance the current curriculum. This is a half year course that is taught in conjunction with Small Business Ownership for Grades sophomores, juniors and seniors ONLY. This half-year course will be taught in conjunction with Civic Responsibilities and Rights for the Grade 9 class only.

    SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT MANAGEMENT          (9039)    Grades 10-12      2.5 Credits

    This course emphasizes Sports and Entertainment Management topics such as leadership, finance, product management, people management, information management, legal and ethical issues, customer relations, sales management, managing change, and career development.  Students will become familiar with the management of athletic retail outlets to professional sport teams.  This is a half year course that is taught in conjunction with Business Management.