Cooperative Education Courses


    The following requirements apply to the Cooperative Education Program:

    • Students must complete a Cooperative Education application, submit for review and    interview with the Cooperative Education Coordinator prior to enrolling in the program.
    • Students cannot have more than 14 unexcused absences in grade 11.
    • Students must have a willingness to secure employment for the Program and complete 540 hours at their workplace to qualify for credit and comply with the New Jersey required work hours. Employment must be paid through a payroll system (no under the table compensation.)
    • Students will be scheduled for early release in order to report to job stations and will be responsible for arranging their own transportation.

    COOPERATIVE EDUCATION    (9043)                    Grade 12              15 Credits


    • Microsoft Office Suite I or Web Page Design/Desktop Publishing or Business and Careers

    Cooperative Business Education is a work-study program open to seniors who are placed in local business offices to gain on-the-job training.  Students have a related class in which they study and review skills and techniques correlated to their work experience.