Physical Education and Health Department

  • The knowledge of physical education and health is an ever-changing field that students will put to use in general wellness throughout their lifetimes. Each student is required to complete four years of physical education and health.


    Physical education is an activity-centered program. Students are encouraged to develop and maintain physical fitness and to acquire athletic interests that will extend beyond high school. Eleventh and twelfth grade students are given the opportunity to participate in a wide program: step aerobics, walking for fitness, square dance (juniors), social dance (seniors), volleyball, tennis, flag football, weight training, indoor games, badminton, ultimate Frisbee, and basketball, and Project Adventure.


    Ninth and tenth grade students are offered some of the above activities on an introductory level. They also participate in project adventure, fitness, weights, volleyball, dance, softball, soccer, track and field, and aerobics. All students participate in Fitness Gram.