Health Education Courses

  • HEALTH PROMOTION AND PROTECTION       (8504)                                    Grade 9                 1.25 Credits

    Required 1/4 year

    This course is designed to teach students how to properly respond to emergencies they may face in today’s society. Students will learn CPR, AED, and basic first aid procedures from certified American Red Cross instructors.  An emphasis will be placed on giving students the information they need to make informed and healthy decisions for their body and mind.  Additional topics will include:  STD’s, HIV and AIDS, non-infectious diseases, and public health care choices.

    DRUGS / ALCOHOL & CPR: A SOCIAL PERSPECTIVE       (9525-9523 Lab)    Grade 11     1.25 Credits

    Required 1/4 year

    This course is designed to address the various social pressures and decisions facing high school students today. Emphasis has been placed on expanding students' under­standing of the physical, mental, emotional, and social effects of the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Topics include: patterns of chemical dependency, intervention strategies, enabling and codependency, family roles, federal laws regarding chemical substances, and the social ramifications of drug abuse.

    HUMAN SEXUALITY AND FAMILY LIVING     (9535-9533 Lab)                Grade 12              1.25 Credits

    Required 1/4 year

    As the culmination of the health education experience in the grade 12 course, students will learn relevant information needed to make independent, intelligent, informed decisions pertaining to areas of human sexuality and family living. An emphasis will be placed on increasing students' awareness of the issues surrounding these areas, as well as introducing and reinforcing the critical thinking skills needed to deal with relationship issues in a whole-life context.