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    Here's a list of suggested movies:

    Stand and  Deliver 

    McFarland USA

    The 33

    The Book of Life

    Nothing Like the Holidays

    Goal - The Dream Begins 1 & 2 

    West Side Story


    Take the Lead

    La Bamba

    Beverly Hills Chihuahua 1 & 2





     In addition we will be planning some domestic and international trips this year.

    We will be attending Rosalita's Mexican Restaurant to experience the food, culture and traditions of the Mexico.  

    In addition, we will be providing the students who are interested in attending Peru to fo with our Spanish teachers.

    Please visit www.Explorica.com and search under student the username and password is Vera-4217 and the tentative dates are July 8-18.


    We will also be hosting World Language Career day on October 24th where students and parents are welcome to attend so they can get an idea of the types of jobs that will be available using their World Language.