Heirloom Kitchen Event

On Tuesday, March 9th over 40+ members of our Old Bridge community gathered via zoom for a cooking class with Executive Chef David Viana from Heirloom Kitchen.  The event, organized by the Old Bridge Township Schools' Positivity Committee is one of several programs that has made efforts to virtually bring family, friends and fun together via zoom throughout the past several months. 

 The menu for the evening consisted of Ricotta Gnudi with Amatriciana sauce and Caesar salad.  Chef David began the evening explaining the concept of “mise en place”, which is French for “everything in its place.”  Guests learned that gathering, preparing and measuring out the ingredients ahead of time helps set the tone for a successful cooking experience.  Not only were teachers and administrators from the district involved, but students and families from all over town joined in the fun.  The highlight of the evening was watching families and young children working feverishly in the kitchen to roll out their gnudi and prepare a most delicious dinner!  Chef David had so many interesting stories about his experiences cooking as well as great advice for all of us novice chefs!  The evening concluded with everyone showing off their hard work in the kitchen with delicious-looking dishes!  We truly appreciate Chef David and Heirloom Kitchen for hosting such a wonderful community event and thank the Positivity Committee for their efforts in bringing the community together. 


Cheers & Bon Appetit!