Old Bridge School District Set to Host Vaccination Clinics for Staff

The Old Bridge Township Public School District will host COVID-19 vaccination clinics for its staff members from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 8 at Old Bridge High School Main Building.

The vaccinations will be administered by appointment only with school administration setting up times for teachers and staff, including custodians, bus drivers, secretaries, and food service employees. The district is expected to fill 276 slots.

The clinics are under the direction of Penn Medicine Princeton Health, which is collaborating with various Middlesex County school districts to establish vaccination clinics for school staff. More than a dozen districts have opted to participate, including Cranbury, East Brunswick, Monroe, Piscataway, and Carteret.

At the Old Bridge vaccination clinics, Penn Medicine Princeton Health will provide the nursing staff who will administer the vaccine while Old Bridge School District nurses will monitor staff after they are vaccinated.

“Through the entire course of the COVID-19 health crisis, superintendents became resources for PPE and materials needed to navigate through this unfortunate pandemic,” said Old Bridge Schools Superintendent David Cittadino. “This is just another example of superintendents coming together, working together for the best interest of our school community because a vaccinated staff member equals a healthier, more consistent learning environment for the entire school community.”

The program began as the result of a conference call initiated by Cranbury Schools Superintendent Susan Genco and Deborah Millar, director of Community Outreach and Engagement for Penn Medicine Princeton Health.

According to Genco, Cranbury Board of Education President Karen Callahan reached out to Penn Medicine to see if it was interested in a partnership to help school districts. Once Penn Medicine agreed, Genco set up a conference call with interested Middlesex County superintendents.

“We are all looking toward one goal – to help vaccinate as many school community members as possible,” said Genco. “Our county superintendents worked as a true team through this with one common goal -- to work toward safely returning to school.”

The first clinic was held on March 30, in Cranbury, where 264 vaccinations were distributed in one day at two locations.

Old Bridge High School is located at 4209 Route 516, Matawan.