To the Old Bridge Community: 

The Curriculum and Special Services Committee has rescheduled our meeting which will now be held on Wednesday, September 28th at 7:00pm in the OBHS TV Studio.   

Old Bridge Township Public Schools and the Board of Education are working diligently to address your concerns and questions regarding the new K-8 health curriculum. This will take some time, as this is a complex issue. We ask for your input, as well as your patience. Full transparency is our main goal. 

Prior to the meeting, we ask that parents go through the health curriculum in your child’s grade and bring your specific concerns/questions to the meeting. The meeting will be organized so that all participants can share their questions and concerns in a safe and open environment, similarly to a regular meeting. The Board of Education and District Administration can then use your feedback and specific questions to move forward. 

Please find the link to the new curriculum standards below under Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Standards K-8: 

Proposed OB Curriculum Guides

Please use the link below to confirm your attendance to the Curriculum and Special Services Committee Meeting. This is not required for attendance but will be helpful to know that we have the capacity for the venue. 

Curriculum and Special Services Committee Meeting Attendance Form

Thank you, 

Matt Sulikowski and Elena Francisco
Co-Chairs Curriculum Committee
Old Bridge Board of Education