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    Welcome to Mrs. Puvalowski's Honors Biology Class. 

    Honors biology is a 6-credit laboratory courses.  You will have a double-period lab once a week.  In the lab, each student must contribute to the completion of the activity and all of you are responsible for writing down your work.  Lab grades are based upon correct answers, how effectively students work, clean up of station, and periodic lab-based quizzes.


    Course grades are based upon quizzes, tests, labs, homework, classwork, and small projects.  Because this is a 10th grade honors-level course, you need to be responsible for completing all work in a timely manner.  Powerpoint presentations should be viewed before class so that you can ask questions regarding concepts that you may find difficult, and to provide you with the information to participate in class discussions and activities.


    I am sure that we will all have a great year in Honors Biology, and I hope your year at the EMGNC will prove to be a happy and rewarding time for you.