Witt's World - Mrs. Witt OBHS EMGNC


    I am excited to begin another school year at OBHS EMGNC. Every beginning is a chance to be open to new ideas and growth. 

    Please refer to this site for information and links pertaining to class. Although daily homework assignments will not be provided here, any long-term projects, reading assignments of length, or other pertinent information will be posted. Students are expected to write their homework down daily into their agenda books.

    High school is a time of learning not only content knowledge, but how to become responsible students and citizens. My classroom will be a place where respect is shown and laughter is welcomed.

    "Recognizing that each person has an inherent worth, it is the mission of the Old Bridge Public Schools to empower each student to learn, achieve success and to become a confident, productive member of a pluralistic, global society prepared to face challenges of the twenty-first century."