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    Psychology: The scientific study of behavior and mental processes.



    Welcome to the study of psychology and a year full of learning, hard work, and FUN! Even though this is probably your first formal psychology class, you have been studying human behavior your entire life. What makes this subject different is its systematic, scientific approach to the study of behavior and its unique research methods and terminology. As you will soon learn, Psychology can help you understand yourself and the people around you better.

    What am I getting into?


    What is Psychology? 

    Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Psychology is a huge and fascinating field: topics of interest to psychologists include the nervous system, learning and memory, intelligence, language, thought, growth and development, personality, stress and health, psychology disorders, ways of treating those disorders, and the behavior of people in social settings such as groups and organizations. 

    What does it mean to major in Psychology?
    Many students think that they will be psychologists when they graduate with an undergraduate degree in psychology. Unfortunately, that is a false notion. You must have an advanced degree to be a psychologist. However, you will be able to work in psychology-related areas with a psychology AS, BA or BS. More importantly, psychology is a great background for many other fields. Employers are looking for students with specific problem-solving skills who can write and speak well. Psychology should provide excellent training in those areas. Psychology serves as a good all-purpose liberal arts major. 

    What are some areas in which I might work?

    Community and Social Services:
    Program director, Volunteer coordinator 

    Human Resources:
    Employee development, Training coordinator, recruiter 

    Residential Care:
    Developmentally delayed, Delinquents, Elderly 

    Management and Business:
    Banking, Sales, Public relations, Restaurant and Hotel

    Student Affairs/ Services: 
    Admissions, Career services, Residential life, Student activities 

    Probation/ Parole/ Law Enforcement:
    Parole officer, Correction officer, Juvenile intake worker 

    Education: Child care worker, Peace Corps, Psychology teacher, Teacher's aide 

    Preparation for Graduate School in Psychology:
    Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Development Psychology, Industrial/Organization Psychology, Sport Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Educational Psychology, Experimental Psychology, etc.