Geometry is just PLANE fun!

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    Welcome to Ms. Mauro's Website


    Students are expected to participate in class, complete the homework assignments, and study for tests and quizzes.  Overall, try your best!


    1.  Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own calculators to class on a daily basis.


    2.  There is homework almost every night. Even when no problems are specifically assigned, students should be reviewing.


    3.  Homework is usually checked for effort, not accuracy.  All work must be shown in order to receive credit.  There will be times, however, that homework will  be graded for correctness.


    4.  The homework assignments posted on this website are subject to change.


    5.  Tests and quizzes are announced ahead of time.


    6.  The best way for parents to reach me is via email:


    7.  Ways of getting math help:


    -     After school help and/or before school help is available almost every day. Students are to let me know that they are planning to come for help and to check that there is not a meeting conflict.


    -   The Math Honor Society offers peer tutoring - see your math teacher for a request form. 


    -     National Honor Society peer tutoring – see your guidance counselor to set up a meeting with a NHS student who can help you with math.


    -    Check the links section of this website for online help resources.


    8.   Use the link below to check your grades on the Parent Portal. Grades are updated regularly.