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     Ellen McDermott GNC 

     OBHS Main



     Fax: 732.566.2442

     Fax: 732.441.4124

     Nurse: Susan Daily RN,CSN   sdaily@obps.org

     Nurse: Audrey Baker RN, CSN abaker@obps.org

     Nurse: Michele Cregg RN mcregg@obps.org

     Nurse: Pamela Herbert RN  pherbert@obps.org


     Nurse: Dorothy Matrale RN, CSN dmatrale@obps.org


    The Old Bridge High School Health Services Program provides health and nursing services for all the students in grades 9-12.  The goal of the health office at the high school is to support the educational process by promoting optimum wellness and working closely with parents and guardians to:

    • Assess and evaluate the health needs of students
    • Accommodate students with specific health concerns
    • Serve as a health resource for the school community


    The school health services provided to our students include, but are not limited to:

    • Liason between school, parents, health care provider, and community agencies
    • Height/Weight Screening
    • Blood Pressure Screening
    • Vision/Hearing Screening
    • Scoliosis Screening (9th and 11th grade)
    • Health Assessments and Referrals
    • Maintenance of Health Records
    • Compliance with State Immunization Requirements
    • Administration of Medications prescribed by Health Care Provider
    • Assessment and Provision of Initial Care for Illness/Injury


    -Please call attendance at 732-290-3900 x3920 if your son/daughter will be absent.

    -Student should remain at home until they are fever free (less than 100 degrees) for 

      24 hours without fever reducing medications.

    -Student must be able to tolerate food for 24 hours without vomiting prior to 

      returning to school.

    -NO medications are allowed in school without a doctor's order, this includes cough drops.