Dear Cheesequake Parents/Guardians/Guests:


    During recent years, Cheesequake has been humbled and honored to receive numerous national accolades. In 2014, we were named a National School of Character by character.org, and I was invited to speak in Washington DC at the National Press Club to share details about how we built a multi-faceted character education program while concurrently focusing on academic excellence. Also during 2014, our “Eagle Has Landed Program” was named a national “Promising Practice” because of its proven ability to enhance school climate and meaningfully celebrate multiculturalism and diversity. Because of our strong test scores, curriculum, and instructional practices, Cheesequake was named a National Title I Distinguished School in 2015, one of only two schools in New Jersey to earn that honor during that year. Most recently, in 2017, Cheesequake became the first Old Bridge Township Public School to named as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence as an Exemplary High Performing School by the United States Department of Education.


    Cheesequake is a truly special school community comprised of top-notch educators, supportive parents, and kind, respectful, hard working children. We are a Title I, K-5 elementary school that is diverse socioeconomically, racially, and in multiple other ways. We have come to embrace our diversity not as a challenge but as one of our greatest assets. We have three main focuses: (1)school safety; (2)character education and school climate/culture; and (3)academic excellence. We have nearly two dozen different programs and approaches that we employ to ensure that students are thriving socially and emotionally. We believe that an extensive character education platform allows students to be happy, healthy and mentally primed for optimal learning. Our school embraces a “growth mindset,” one where we all understand that the brain is a muscle to be worked and that mistakes are portals to further growth. We do not say that we cannot do something, we say we cannot do it yet but will.


    During 2018-2019 school year we will continue our focus on academic growth and excellence. With dozens of new HP Stream laptops, and for the first time ever, we are 1:1 with devices throughout Grades 3-5 and have meaningful and extenstive technology also enhancing teaching and learning in Grades K-2. Continuing our extensive use of assessment data, technology, and dozens of learning resources, we will strive to make teaching and learning as engaging, meaningful, and successful as possible. We look forward to making this school year the best yet for your children and our school. We thank you in advance for your support!



    Dr. Thomas Ferry