Character Education

  • Voorhees School has often been called the “best kept secret in town” when people are describing our school, which is geographically located in one corner of our large town.  Our school is known to have an exemplary staff of caring individuals who set the tone for a very accepting community.  Traditions run deep here, with events such as Field Day, the annual Halloween Parade and the Thanksgiving Feast taking place for over 40 years.


    Character education with the focus on the 6 Pillars of Character is an integral part of the day-to-day teachings at our school.  Monthly focus on individual character pillars is a foundation for assemblies, bulletin boards and events.  Within our school, we have many special education students who are accepted as part of our student body.  These students are integrated into all of our school activities.  Our fifth-grade students help our kindergarten students each afternoon and serve as safety patrols in our hallways and on our busses.  Many also volunteer to be part of a peer tutoring program that helps younger students practice basic academic skills.


    The Voorhees School community has many community service projects each year that involve staff, students and parents working together to make a difference in those who are less fortunate.  Our staff holds high standards to how students treat each other and help students work through issues as they arise.  Here at Voorhees, we teach much more than academic subjects, we include emotional learning as part of our teaching as we strive to teach to the total child.  Our philosophy is that when students feel good about themselves and comfortable in their environment, only then will they be available to academic learning.

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