Health and Physical Education


    CSMS Health and Physical Education teachers!

    - Mrs. Buxbaum

    - Mr. Tivald

    - Mrs. Dragon

    - Mr. Roberts

    - Mrs. Seratelli

    - Mr. Faigin

    - Mrs. Castellano

    - Mr. Canzano


    Check out the webpages with updated information about what's going on in the CSMS health and physical education department. Such as rules/regualtions, physical education make-up days and much more!



     Physical Education/Health Schedule

    Period 1: 8-1 (Mr. Tivald, Mrs. Seratelli (Girls), Mr. Roberts (Boys), and Mr. Faigin; Health-Mrs. Dragon)

    Period 2: 6-1 (Mrs. Buxbaum, Mrs. Dragon (Girls), and Mr. Canzano (Boys); Health-Mrs. Castellano)

    Period 3: 7-1 (Mrs. Castellano, Mrs. Seratelli (Girls), and Mr. Faigin (Boys); Health-Mr. Tivald)

    7-2 (Mr. Canzano, Mrs. Dragon (Girls), and Mr. Roberts (Boys); Health-Mr. Buxbaum)

    Period 4: 8-2 (Mr. Roberts, Mrs. Buxbaum (Girls), and Mr. Tivald (Boys); Health-Mrs. Dragon)

    8-3 (Mr. Faigin, Mrs. Castellano (Girls), and Mr. Canzano (Boys); Health-Mrs. Seratelli)

    Period 5: 7-3 (Mrs. Seratelli, Mrs. Castellano (Girls), and Mr. Tivald (Boys); Health-Mr. Faigin)

    Period 6: 6-2 (Mrs. Dragon, Mrs. Buxbaum (Girls), and Mr. Canzano (Boys); Health-Mr. Roberts)

    Period 7: 6-3 (Mr. Roberts, Mrs. Buxbaum (Girls), Mr. Faigin (Boys), and Mr. Tivald; Health-Mr. Canzano)

    APE (Seratelli and Castellano)

    Period 8: No Phys. Ed./Health