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Mrs. Lydia Roca

¡Hola! Bienvenidos a la Clase de Español


 Welcome to Spanish Class!

I am very excited to begin a new and rewarding learning experience in Spanish class this year! 

ABOUT ME: I am a Mom/Wife, Tech-Loving World Language Teacher, Positive Mindset Advocate & Aspiring Administrator. I am extremely passionate about opening a world of opportunities for my students and hope to inspire my students to develop a life-long love of learning languages & world culture. 

ABOUT SPANISH CLASS: Since language immersion is crucial for language acquisition, I will speak Spanish in the classroom most of the time. No worries! This will become second nature to your child as the year progresses.

For additional reinforcement outside the classroom, all students are expected to complete homework assignments, study vocabulary every day, participate in class and follow class rules/procedures.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: The class Textbook is online (see Textbook Log-in Information) and students do not take class books home.  I have very high expectations and students must be prepared each day for class.  Students will need:

  • 1 folder
  • 1” Binder with loose leaf paper
  • Pencil/pen
  • Earbuds (optional)

Throughout the course of the year, thematic units will provide ample opportunities for the children to explore Spanish language & culture. Additionally, we will utilize technology to complete assignments & projects on thematic topics covered during each marking period.   

Binder checks also take place each marking period.  In addition, there are quarterly examinations which consist of listening, reading, multiple choice questions, and short answer sections. Furthermore, it is advised that parents check the OBPS Parent Portal on a weekly basis to check on your child’s progress.

I offer extra help during the 9/10 lunch periods and after-school from 2:05- 2:30 p.m.-but these must be arranged in advance so that each student is able to have individualized assistance & support. Students may reserve their extra help time with me using the Sign-up sheet in the classroom.

Class begins at the 1st bell.  Students who arrive after the 2nd bell will be marked Tardy/Late.  Please be advised that two unexcused Tardy/Late equals one unexcused absence.  No food or beverages are allowed in the classroom unless they are part of a learning activity.  Students are restricted from using cell-phones during instructional time unless being used for an approved class activity.  


15% Participation--10% Homework--25% Quizzes--50% Tests/Projects/Oral Presentations





You can now follow me on Twitter @LYD1013

I also keep a class account on Remind and SnapChat.


 * Please be advised that Social Media is solely utilized for educational purposes, including disseminating information.

 I may share updates, reminders, pictures & videos from our lessons & activities at my discretion.

No student will be followed back. (No exceptions) 


This is going to be a wonderful year! Please do not hesitate to contact me via email at if you have any questions. 

Thank you in advance for your support! 



~Mrs. Lydia Roca, M.Ed.

World Language-Secondary Spanish