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Ms. Taylor



Memorial School is not only a National School of Character, but it is an active school full of Healthy Huskies! We are on a journey in Physical Education to improve ourselves physically, socially, emotionally, and even academically. Physically, we will be working on a multitude of activities that will introduce and enhance dozens of skills, from fitness progress to sports skills. Socially and emotionally, we will build relationship with our peers and further collaborate in group efforts. We will discuss strategies to effectively communicate in different team building and cooperative activities. Academically, there will be cross-curricular objectives and assessments that will be incorporated into each and every lesson to exercise the brain!

The most important element of P.E. is SAFETY! Everything else is secondary. All lessons and objectives have safety explanations and expectations to prevent students from getting injured. Maximising movement time is also a key ingredient to our P.E. program at Memorial. Activity stimulates blood flow, and studies have proven that children who are more active show increased cognitive processing and better performance with testing than children who are less active.

I look forward to getting to know your children in our adventure together in Physical Education!
Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns!