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    Technology Vision Statement


    Old Bridge Township Public Schools’ highest priority must be the education and instruction of our students in how to learn, live, and work in an ever-evolving world. As the computer is the primary tool of our “Information Age”, traditional educational methods alone are no longer sufficient enough to prepare our students to adapt and thrive in our information-rich society.  Those students who are properly prepared in computer functionality, capability and use will undoubtedly be able to embrace technology and globally access the world at their fingertips.


    It is the responsibility of our school district and community to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum. Through such integration, our students will be better able to recognize the role of technology as a tool to assist in problem solving regardless of the subject area. Such integration must be continuous and encompass the importance of technology in our everyday lives. Simultaneously, attention must be given to providing our staff members with the technology tools required to instruct our students as well as each other. Progress cannot be made unless a comprehensive technology education program is available for use throughout the entire school community.


    As educators of future generations, we must ensure the equitable provision and utilization of computers to our entire student population in a variety of ways. By espousing an interdisciplinary approach to computer literacy education, we enable our students to develop a more complete understanding of complicated problems and real-world issues. An environment of active learning must be provided to our students, facilitating the engagement in experimentation of new concepts and ideas while building on the foundation of what is already known to be factual and proven. Our students must learn to be team players, collaboratively sharing the rewards of their success with their peers and respective colleagues.


    Old Bridge Township Public Schools recognizes, more than ever before, the enormous role that the integration of technology plays in the daily lives of our students and staff members. We are committed to a goal-oriented approach to ensure that educational technologies are appropriately and equitably integrated into our students’ educational processes in addition to the sustained education of our staff members. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the educational learning experience while, in turn, contributing to the overall achievement of our students and our staff.


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    The purpose of this website is to provide Old Bridge teachers and staff members ready access to the many electronic resources available on the Internet as well as district information related to the use of technology in our schools.  Please make your selections from the categories listed below:


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