Welcome to Ms. Lovett's Classroom webpage!


    In OUR classroom...

    We do...Thank You's

    We do...REAL

    We do...I'm sorry

    We do...Praises!

    We do...Tests

    We do...Laughter

    We do...Mistakes

    We do...Respect

    We do...Happiness

    We do...Peace

    We do...Growing

    We do...Working hard

    We do...Friendships

    We do...Learning



    We the Memorial Huskies pledge to:

    Make someone smile

    Earn trustworthiness

    Mediate small problems peacefully

    Open our minds

    Respect people, places and things

    Include everyone

    Accept differences

    Love learning 




       Our class mission is to be respectful, caring, hard-working individuals who want to become the best we can be. We follow the six-pillars of Character Education. Our classroom is a safe, friendly, bully-free environment that encourages all students to take chances, and discover new and interesting things. We work together as a team encouraging each other to reach our goals.


    * I am always available to communicate.  Communication is very important to me and if you have any issues, concerns or would like to speak to me please email me at plovett@obps.org .   I answer emails M-F until 6:00pm.   I also utilize remind, so please add yourself for up to date information.