•       Welcome parents of my new students! I am looking foward to meeting all of you as we begin a year of new experiences, new challenges, and new understandings. To start off our new year I would like to share with you my philosophy of assuring your child's success in my class. I like to view my class as a 3 legged table, the tabletop being "success."


    Here are the jobs of each leg:

    • 1st leg - Me.  My job is to teach your child.
    • 2nd leg - Your child.  They do the work. (To the very best of their ability!!)
    • 3rd leg - You.  You check their work, ask them about their day in school, and be involved in their learning.

    That's it!!!!  If everyone does their part, your child will have a successful year!! If one of the legs is weak, the table will fall and crumble.


    Let's have a year of strong sturdy tables!!!!!!