Classroom News




     Welcome to second grade! 


    September News!


    This year in math we will be using a program called enVision Math and our first chapter will be on fluently adding and subtracting numbers to 20!   In this chapter, we want the students to understand that 6 + 4 will have the same answer as 4 + 6. (the communative property of addition)   Or that 2 + 3 has the same asnwer as 3 + 2.   We just reversed the numbers and the answer (the sum) is the same!  When they understand this then problems will be easier to solve.  We will also explore the doubles facts, 2 + 2,  3 + 3,  4 + 4, etc...   This knowledge will help as we then attempt to solve problems with double digits.  You can help by reviewing this idea with you children at home!


    Second grade will be using the Journeys Reading  Program this year!  In addition to teaching vocabulary, how to read words, and writing,  we will also be teaching the students comprehension strategies so that they may become confident readers!   So, as you read books with your child, stop often during the reading of the book and ask them what they think will happen next, or ask them to tell you what they are picturing in their mind as they read.  In this way, you are practicing with your child what they will be learning about in school!


    In spelling/phonics we will be reviewing the short vowels and blends!  Your child should be able to tell you what the vowel letters are (a, e, i, o, and u and sometimes y) and use beginning blends  to read words.  Some of the blends your child should be familiar with are words that start with these letters: br, bl, cl, cr, dr, gl, gr, fl, fr, pr, pl, sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, sw, st, tw, and tr. An example for the blend br would be bread, or brush!


    We will also be exploring the topics of community, heroes in honor of 9/11, the constitution, and apples in our science and social studies group activities!




    Let's work together to make it a great school year!!