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  • Dear Parent/Guardian,


    Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year! This year, you- as parents- and we- as teachers- will become partners in one of the most important jobs we have: helping your child become all that he or she can be. It is an exciting, challenging, and terrifically rewarding task. Third grade brings more responsibility and expectations in order to prepare to become more independent in their academic journeys. Students will be held accountable for their work habits, work completion, and ability to organize their time to meet deadlines.


    One of our goals this year is to encourage your children to participate fully in school, both academically and socially. You can help by asking your child about his/her day and by making sure all homework assignments are completed to the best of his/her ability and returned to school.


    Your child will be bringing many notices and forms for you to read and fill out the first few days of school. Please take the time to read, sign, and return these forms to us as soon as possible. Please continue to check your child’s backpack and folder daily for classroom communication and notices from the office each night throughout the year.


    We are sure to have a dynamic, wondrous, and successful year together!



    The Third Grade Team


    Mr. Andrews                                                                        

    Mrs. Dragity

    Mrs. Rabinowitz

    Mrs. Tady