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     Fax  is : 732-316-0218

    Attendance: Please phone  732-360-4511 and leave a message about your child's absence or being tardy before 9:30 am.  Include child's name, reason for absence and teacher's name. If your child plans on buying lunch but will be tardy please include their lunch request.

    Homework requests email to classroom teacher after third day absence (per Elementary Handbook). Please do not leave requests on nurse voicemail.

     Please check with child's classroom teacher about any food allergies.  Foods for the three approved parties (Halloween, Holiday and End of Year Party) include only the following: fruits, vegetables, plain popcorn, graham crackers, traditional original goldfish or the Sodexho cookie tray.  NO BIRTHDAY SNACKS or goodie bags.

    Please see my Health Resources for a chart Cold vs Allergies vs Flu.