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     Treblel clef



    Happy Monday!!!  It’s our last week before spring break!  Week 3 of assignments are now available on quaver.   Grades 3-5 can also get this information in Microsoft teams.   Lessons will be weekly, and I will be available via email at or on Teams if anyone needs help.   Please follow the directions below:


    Go to and click the purple sign up in the upper left-hand corner.   Proceed to create a username, password etc.  You DO NOT need to enter an email address.   For the Quaver code please use the following codes:


    Grade 3: 3XD5T


    Grade 4: AL62B


    Grade 5: CE2LN


    Grade K: 59U5R


    Grade 1: Q988X


    Grade 2: LCRDP


    Preschool:  D5GR4


    You may also use the following website for extra activities:


    Feel free to experiment and share some of your creations with me!


    Again, I can be reached at and on Microsoft teams if anyone needs help.  


    Mr. Pache


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