The Department of Special Services




    The Old Bridge Department of Special Services strives to have all students identified as needing special education and/or related services achieve to their highest potential so they can become productive members of the Old Bridge Community.  To this end, the Department of Special Services, in conjunction with classroom teachers, related service providers, and support dtaff, have a commitment to the following objectives:

          - To create an efficient and effective learning environment that embraces the needs of all students within their respective classrooms and programs

          - Continue to enhance instructional techniques and strategies within out special education classes.

          - To utilize all current and available resources to their fullest extent

          - Embrace a "whole" student approach to meet the changing needs of all students within the district

          - To evaluate all curriculum to ensure it is current, comprehensive, and research-based to meet our students' needs

          - To monitor student needs using targeted assessment and data usage to improve student programs and goals

    The district has twenty-five (25) child study team (CST) members, including learning disability teacher consultants, social workers, and psychologists.  These team members work with teachers and parents to form an individualized education plan (IEP) for each classified student.  They monitor the progress of the student and re-evaluate the IEP accordingly.

    The district also has thirteen (13) speech language specialists (SLS) who work to improve student communication skills within the district.  These 13 SLSs are divided amongst our fifteen (15) schools.



    Old Bridge is very fortunate to have a Special Education Parent Teacher Association (SEPTA) and Special Education Parent Advisory Group (SEPAG).  All parents of children with special needs, from preschool through high school, are encouraged to get involved and participate in both SEPTA and SEPAG. 

    Both these groups of dedicated parents are available to other parents who have questions, concerns, and ideas about how to work effectively on behalf of their child. Both SEPTA and SEPAG groups meet regularly to provide information and topics on Special Education within the district. 

    SEPTA meets once a month at the John Glenn School where parents of children with special needs meet to learn about relevant topics and discuss their concerns. Topics of prior meetings have addressed such topics as:  

    • Special services in schools
    • Guardianship and trusts
    • Department of Developmental Disabilities
    • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
    • Legal updates
    • Transition services
    • Peer mediation
    • Middlesex County’s Vocational-Technical programs
    • Camp Robin
    • Special Olympics

    Regional Professional Development Academy (RPDA)

    To enhance parents' access to a variety of workshops, Old Bridge Public Schools has entered into the Regional Professional Development Academy.  The mission of the Regional Professional Development Academy continues to be to address students with moderate to severe disabilities in the general education classroom.  For a complete offering of free workshops that parent and educators can attend, please go to the RPDA website at 

    If you have questions or concerns about the needs of your students, please contact us at 732-360-4461.