Mrs. Keelen's Class - Educational Advancement Title 1 Teacher/Interventionist

  •  Welcome to Mrs. Keelen's classroom website!

    Learning takes place in school and at home. Please encourage your child to continue learning at home. Encouraging curiosity and having discussions are two great ways to achieve this goal!!!!!!

    Encourage your children to read!

    Building strong reading skills and an interest in reading is one of the most important things parents can do for their child's academic development. There are many ways to help children develop an interest in reading.

    Let the child choose a book to read. Fiction is fine, but non-fiction titles - biographies, science, and history - are also great topics.

    Show that you like to read. Set aside some time each week to read a book of your choice while your child reads also.

    Read a story to your child. Try reading a chapter each night at bedtime for a great evening routine.Then discuss what has been read. Make connections to the text to make it more meaningful. 

    Visit your public library. 

    Let your child build his own library by setting a shelf aside for his or her "special" books.

    Practice math facts daily and play math games. Please explore the links I have provided. These websites prove that math can be a lot of fun!!!!!!!