Ms. Canose's Mouse Bytes - Old Bridge Township Public Schools

    Welcome to Mouse Bytes! 


    I am the computer literacy teacher at Memorial Elementary School in the Old Bridge Township Public School District. I teach computer literacy skills to grades Kindergarten through Fifth grade. I hope to make this website a place to communicate with parents as well as provide valuable resources to support and enhance student learning.

    For this school year, we are working in Windows 10, which includes updated versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher. Your children will be very busy exploring and learning these Microsoft Office  programs throughout the school year.

    Have fun exploring my website, Mouse Bytes.


    Students,  explore My Links (located on the left sidebar) for valuable online sites to help you keep learning. Then try the activities listed under Keyboarding Sites and Coding for KidsHave fun and take a Byte out of Technology!   


    Parents and Teachers' websites are also noted in the brief descriptions listed under My Links.
    Please Note: To reinforce skills and concepts taught in class, students can now utilize two web-based programs at home. For grades 2-5, Study Island, a standards mastery program, can be accessed from any computer with Internet connection. Each student in grades 2-5 has been assigned a specific username and password which must be used to logon to Study Island. These usernames and passwords are available from your child's classroom teacher. For students in grades K-2, Education City is also accessible from any computer with Internet connection. Our school district has provided us with access to both the K-2: Language Arts and the K-2: Math modules as well as the ESL- Learn English module. Every student in grades K-2, as well as each ESL student has been assigned a unique student ID and password, which is available from their classroom/ESL teacher. Please enjoy these wonderful online resources, provided by our district, to support and encourage learning at home. For the website address for Study Island and Education City, please click on the "My Links" section, where both programs are listed under "General Websites."
    If you have any questions, please contact me at:
    Ms. Judy Canose