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    Our students at Memorial Elementary School will participate in different activities throughout the year in physical education. These activities will include a variety of team-building games, individual and team sports, and fitness. My goal is to increase their motor skills as well as their fitness levels on a weekly basis. I also want them to learn the value of teamwork and sportsmanship. It's very important for the students to also demonstrate the six pillars of character in physical education regardless of the activity. The six pillars of character education that are reinforced in each gym class are: 


    Be tolerant of differences.
    Use good manners.
    Don't hit or hurt others.
    Be considerate of the feelings of others.


    Be a good neighbor.
    Obey rules and laws.


    Be kind.
    Be compassionate.
    Express gratitude.
    Help people in need.



    Play by the rules.
    Take turns and share.
    Listen to others.
    Don't take advantage of others.


    Be honest.
    Be reliable.
    Build a good reputation.
    Be loyal.

    Do what you are suppose to do.

    Always do your best.
    Use self-control.
    Think before you act.
    Be accountable for your choices.