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    Parent Nominations for the Challenge Program will open in March.  Be on the look out for the link.  Current students must requalify each year and new students are welcomed each year. 


    Turtle Art by Maria from Schirra School, 2017

    The Challenge Program

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    parents, students, and visitors! The OBTPS Challenge Program is designed to provide an extended classroom instructional experience for students who exhibit advanced learning capabilities.

    The program is currently housed in two schools, Shepard and Voorhees, and students in Grades 3-5 are bussed to Challenge Class one time per week from 9:15 to 1:45. Students in Grades K-2 will have PETS (Primary Education Thinking Skills) lessons and two robotics activities taught by their homeroom teacher and the Challenge teacher on a rotating basis.

    "Travel Light"...

    Bring your supplies in a small drawstring bag. Large backpacks should be left at the homeschools.

    Please do not bring lunches with peanut butter, Nutella, or other nut products. We want all students to be safe and healthy while attending the Challenge Program. Thanks for your help!

    "Be Comfortable, Be Prepared!"

    Students traveling to the Challenge Program should wear jackets, coats, or sweatshirts in the colder months of the year. Like all schools, we sometimes have fire drills and evacuation drills. A sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket may be needed if a student is not used to an air conditioned classroom.


     Mission Statement

    The Old Bridge Township Public School Challenge Program recognizes the exceptional innate abilities of students and assists them in reaching their maximum potential through the use of higher order thinking skills and strategies.  The program provides a rigorous academic environment designed to meet the intellectual, creative, social and emotional needs of gifted individuals within their unique culture.  The Challenge Program fosters self-directed lifelong learners who will thrive and flourish as productive citizens and positive contributors to society. 

    Turtle Art JGomez

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