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  • Welcome to Team 17!

    My goal is help your children develop into life-long learners in a dynamic, safe, and supportive learning environment. I believe in allowing children to take ownership of their learning and of their classroom. By taking ownership of their work, students are able to develop the core character trait of responsibility.

    Part of my job, as an educator, is also to help your children develop the core character values of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. In the classroom, students and teacher alike give recognition for displays of core character values. Please help us at home by recognizing and fostering good character. 

    A word about math homework:
    *"Put on Your Thinking Cap" pages are critical thinking problems. They are meant to be challenging, but achievable. Students have learned all the skills they need; now they must apply those skills in a new way. 

    *Daily Word Problems: All skills necessary for solving Daily Word Problems have been taught either here or in third grade. Just because we haven't covered multiplication of fractions by whole numbers does not mean a student cannot solve a problem: s/he can use repeated addition of fractions, which has most certainly been taught.