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    The Old Bridge Township Public Schools' District Instructional Council is an advisory committee.  Members of the Instructional Council serve at the direction of the Superintendent of Schools.  Membership is comprised of teachers, administrators, and Central Administrative Cabinet members.

    The purpose of the Council is to review instructional issues, functions and activities and to make recommendations to the Central Administrative Cabinet for improvements.  The Council strives to promote teamwork and joint problem solving among its members.  The Council Co-chairs act as a conduit to foster communication between staff members, the Central Administrative Cabinet, and ultimately, the Board of Education.

    Recommendations on action items are submitted to the Superintendent for presentation to the Board of Education to determine final action.

    Presentations to the Instructional Council may include:

    • instructional strategies
    • new or revised curricula
    • instructional materials
    • assessment strategies
    • research, experimental or pilot projects
    • professional development
    • matters related to the philosophy and educational goals of the district

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