Mr. G's Page

  • Welcome to Mr. Garrison's Webpage! THAT SHOULD  BE ON TEAM 7-3's Website (we're still working on that).


    I hope you enjoyed your summer. I will try to keep this page as updated as possible but it's primary use is for Extra Help, helpful links, tips and the occasional Extra Credit Project.

    Technology Tip: Mr. Garrison is really trying to join the 21st Century with technology but he is not the best with computers. 


    SUPPLIES! Trying to figure out what to bring to my class? You will need:

    A dry erase marker

    Pen & Pencil

    Binders!!!!! All you need is an 1 inch binder. You need to have 5 dividers in your binders with labels. The 5 sections of your binders should be.

    1. Obj/Vocab   (you need to write the objective everyday, so there should be lots of loose leaf papers in this section)

    2. HW/Quizzes


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