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  •   Mrs. Langan    

    I believe that teaching is more than just going to class each day and educating students.  You also need to motivate them and show them how much fun learning can be.  I recognize that not all students learn in the same way, so I use several different kinds of teaching techniques; from lectures to demonstrations to hands on experiments.  I also believe that group projects as well as individual projects are essential to a student’s success.  One of my goals is to not only teach them about science but also educate them on the importance of learning.     



    The 8th grade science curriculum is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.  It integrates Earth Science, Life Science and Physical Science content with science and engineering practices and cross cutting concepts to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in all learners.  The cognitively appropriate, hands on, inquiry rich program focuses on application of content through practices that deepen science understanding, are applicable to all areas of their education, and serve as a foundation for more advanced ideas and citizenship in an increasingly complex scientific and technological world.