Family and Consumer Science

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    Family and Consumer Science is taught in 6th. 7th and 8th grade.

    The 6th grader students will be taking sewing this year.  In class they willl be learning basic hand sewing techniques and how to properly use a variety of sewing tools. The cycle lasts for about 18 days. The students will create a small felt pillow.  The sewing topics and project can be viewed under 6th grade sewing. 

    The 7th grade students will be taking cooking this year.  The students will learn basic kitchen safety and utensil use.  They will be building on the skills they learned last year.  Most of our recipes will take two days to complete. The recipes  can be viewed under 7th grade cooking.

    The 8th grade students will have Family and Consumer Science for one marking period.  There time will be split between cooking and sewing. 

    In cooking the students will be concentrating on such skills as creaming, kneading, rolling, boiling and sautéing. Their cooking labs will take two to three days to complete before they can taste their finished product. Some of the recipes they will be making are included in the 8th grade cooking section.

    In sewing the students will learn to hand sew including the running stitch, overcast stitch and back stitch.  They will also learn how to sew on a button.  We will begin learning the parts of the sewing machine and how to thread the machine.  The students will complete two projects that incorporate machine and hand sewing skills.