Mr. Goffred's Social Studies Class - 6-2

  • Welcome to Mr. Goffred's 6-2 Social Studies class!


    Here you will find valuable information about Mr. Goffred's 6th grade social studies class at Carl Sandburg Middle School.

    As a student in my class, your job is to come to school every day with a positive attitude.  Throughout the year, I will challenge you to become a better student, so prepare to work hard every single day!  Much of the work will be completed online through your school-issued Microsoft account.

    This year, we will learn about:
    - World Geography
    - Culture & Artifacts
    - Ancient Civilizations (Ex. Rome, Greece, China, etc.)

    - Religion in a historical context
    - Current Events

    What do you need in class?
    1.  Binder with loose-leaf paper (no sections necessary) – your social studies binder can be combined with other subjects if other teachers gives approval.

    2.  Folder that fits into a binder (for any papers that I hand out that do not have precut holes in them. Ex. Drawing paper for an assignment)

    3.  Pencils and pens (with the exception of some limited assignments where pencil or pen is specified, what you use doesn’t matter as long as it is neat)

    4.  Agenda (you must write your homework in it every day – if you do not have homework, you must write “None”)

    5.  Earbuds/earphones/headphones (we will listen to a lot of audio on our computers)

    6.  Colored pencils (we color a lot of maps – you can keep this in your locker most days, and I will tell you in advance when you bring them into class)




    *Please see the attachments below for how to successfully complete Identification and other assignments.*


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