• Old Bridge High School is a comprehensive high school in the traditional sense. It offers students a variety of fundamental requirements and course electives designed to foster a love of learning and provide a foundation upon which each student may grow and build. Old Bridge graduates well-rounded, academically competitive young men and women prepared to either continue their education or enter the armed services or work force.


    The high school offers in excess of 180 major academic and special interest electives. A basic knowledge of the scope and sequence of these courses, the prerequisite skills and expectations, and the effort level expected will enable students and parents to intelligently plan a high school program specifically designed to promote learning.


    In this booklet, each course is presented in summary form and indicates a general description of the sequence of skills, concepts, appreciations, and understandings suggested as outcomes. Descriptions indicate whether or not the course is a mandatory requirement (successful completion is necessary to be awarded an Old Bridge diploma) or an elective. It also indicates the credits earned by successful completion, length of time prescribed for the course, and wherever appropriates, any prerequisites.


    All students must take forty (40) scholastic credits per year. This means that the majority of students will carry eight (8) subjects each year.   A listing and description of those courses are contained within this booklet. The selections made should be a matter of serious thought since future course selection or entry into certain careers may be affected.


    The broad range of electives provides the opportunity for a diverse educational experience. However, schedule programming must always focus upon the requirements necessary for a student to graduate successfully and on time. Course selection should be based on careful consideration of each student’s strengths, weaknesses, aptitudes, previous level of achievement, and interests coupled closely with the student’s educational or career goals following graduation.