Available Clubs

  • Basic guidelines to follow when joining a club or activity:

    1. Read through your student booklet and decide what may be of interest to you.

    2. Listen to morning announcements about activity meetings.

    3. Read the Student Activities Bulletin Board.

    4. Read the Electronic Bulletin Board.

    If you have any questions about any activities, stop by the Office of Student Activities. If no one is there, leave a note on the door of the Student Activity Coordinator’s office and you will be contacted after class or during lunch. Take time to get to know what is going on around you. For a college application, for a job application or for your own enjoyment, get involved in school activities. It’ll make you a better student; it can help you become a better person!





    Academic Team


    Mrs. Kim

    African American Club



    Anime and Fandom


    Mrs. Clemente

    Art Club


    Mrs. Grozovskaya

    Art Honors Society


    Mrs. Harrington

    Asian Cultural Club


    Mrs Malhi/Mrs.Keiller

    Asian Pacific Club


    Mrs. Liao

    Bioinformatics Club


    Mrs. Cockrill

    Chamber Choir


    Mr. Updergraff

    Chinese Honor Society


    Mrs. Liao

    Club U-Knighted


    Ms. Czysz

    Cosmo Club


    Mrs. Golembeski

    Dance Team


    Mrs. Carroll

    Drama Productions


    Mrs. O'Reilly

    English Honors Society


    Mrs. Gallager

    Environmental Club


    Mr. Goodman

    Fashion Club


    Ms. Harrington

    Fishing Club


    Mr. Garnett

    French Club


    Mrs. Malhi

    French Honors Society


    Mrs. Malhi



    Mrs. Simone

    Gaming Club


    Mrs. Clemente

    German Club


    Ms. Schmitz

    German Honors Society


    Mrs. Cotis

    History Honors Society


    Mrs. Kim

    Homework Club


    Ms. Kroeper

    Indoor Percussion


    Mrs. Thatcher



    Mrs. Mondano

    Italian Club





    Mrs. Waldman

    Key Club


    Mrs. Kortland/Ms. Bennett/Ms. Makovec

    Knights Life (SN)


    Mrs. Luicci



    Mr. Beverly

    Literary Magazine



    Marching Band


    Mrs. Thatcher

    Math Honors Society


    Mrs. Obdyke

    Muslim Student Union


    Mrs. Malhi

    National Honor Society



    OBHS Declassified


    Mrs. Kim

    OBHS Fights Hunger


    Mrs. Arciero



    Mrs. Morales

    Operation Smile


    Dr. Schmocker

    Physics Club


    Mr. Goodman



    Mrs. Cockrill



    Mrs. Kortland

    Project Unify


    Mrs. Carroll

    Red Cross Club


    Mrs. Arciero/Walstein

    Robotics Club


    Mr. Cangelosi



    Mrs. Obdyke

    Spanish Honor


    Mrs. Morales

    Student Humane Society


    Mrs. Martin

    Step Team


    Ms. LoNigro



    Mrs. Waldman

    Urban Culture Club


    Mrs. O'Connor

    We Dine Together


    Mrs. Mackey

    Wellness Club


    Mrs. Harrington



    Mrs. Thatcher



    Mr. Garrett

    Yoga Club


    Mrs. Hession

    Class of 2020


    Mr. Geist

    Class of 2021


    Ms. Toss/Mr. Donaghue

    Class of 2022


    Mrs. Tuckman/Mr. Alspach

    Class of 2023


    Mrs. Mackey/Ms. Czycs

    Student Senate


    Mrs. Fiorentino