Available Clubs

  • Basic guidelines to follow when joining a club or activity:

    1. Read through your student booklet and decide what may be of interest to you.

    2. Listen to morning announcements about activity meetings.

    3. Read the Student Activities Bulletin Board.

    4. Read the Electronic Bulletin Board.

    If you have any questions about any activities, stop by the Office of Student Activities. If no one is there, leave a note on the door of the Student Activity Coordinator’s office and you will be contacted after class or during lunch. Take time to get to know what is going on around you. For a college application, for a job application or for your own enjoyment, get involved in school activities. It’ll make you a better student; it can help you become a better person!


    Academic Team

    Mrs. Kim

    African American

    Mr. Bayak


    Ms. Harrell

    Art Club

    Ms. Grozovosky

    Art Honor Society

    Ms. Harrington

    Asian Club

    Mrs. Mali

    Asian Pacific Club

    Mrs. Liao


    Mrs. Durning

    Chess Club

    Mrs. Todaro

    Concert Choir

    Mr. Updegraff

    Dance Team

    Ms. Carroll

    English Honor Society

    Ms. Gallagher

    Environmental Club

    Mr. Goodman

    Fashion Club

    Ms. Harrington


    Mrs. Trainer


    Mrs. Birsin


    Mrs. Birsin

    Fishing Club

    Mr. Garnett

    French Club

    Ms. Mali

    French Honor Society

    Ms. Mali

    Freshman Class

    Ms. Freel

    Freshman Peer Ambassadors

    Ms. Freel/Mr. Brown

    Gaming Club

    Mrs. Recchio

    German Club

    Mrs. Cotis

    GSA Club/PRIDE

    Ms. Blasco/Ms. Kortland

    GSA (Islamic Club)

    Mrs. Recchio

    Guitar Club

    Mr. Sorrentino

    Habit for Humanity

    Mrs. Koczon

    Helping Hands

    Mrs. Cicale-Sharon

    History Honor Society

    Mrs. Kim

    Indooor Percussion

    Mrs. Thatcher


    Mrs. Handrik

    Italian Club

    Mrs. Santorelli

    Italian Honor Society

    Mr. LaPeruta


    Mr. Kinsey

    Junior Class Council

    Mrs. Modugno/Ms. Magarine

    Knight Life

    Mrs. Luicci

    Knights of the Silver Bleachers

    Mr. Beverly

    Literary Magazine

    Mr. Brown

    Model UN

    Mr. Kinsey

    National Honor Society

    Mrs. Kelly


    Mrs. Mauro


    Mrs. Emslie

    Physic Club

    Mr. Goodman


    Mrs. Kortland

    Project Unifies

    Mrs. Lewicki

    Red Cross

    Mrs. Arciero/Mrs. Walstein


    Mr. Cangelosi

    Rock Climbing

    Ms. Engebos/Mr. Cangelosi

    Russian/Slavic Club

    Mrs. Likhatchev

    Rutgers Health Science Career

    Mrs. Nolan


    Mrs. Obdyke


    Mrs. Fiorentino/Mr. Brown

    Senior Class

    Mrs. Arciero/Mr. Phillips

    Senior Class Council

    Mrs. Arciero/Mr. Phillips

    Sophomore Class Council

    Ms. Quiles/Mr. Geist

    Spanish Honor Society

    Mrs. Morales

    Student Ambassadors

    Ms. Hunter

    Student Humane Society

    Mrs. Martin


    Mr. Bennett

    Urban Culture Club

    Ms. O’Connor

    Winter Guard

    Mrs. Thatcher


    Mr. Garrett